• Learn More About Vein Microsurgery at Florida Vein Care

  • feet-186238_1280(1)As its name implies, microsurgery is any surgical procedure performed with miniaturized surgical instruments that are guided by the skilled hands of a surgeon using a sophisticated microscope. Microsurgery provides for enhanced accuracy when dealing with vessels, nerves, and muscles, etc. So, does microsurgery play a role in the treatment and care of patients at the premiere Orlando vein center? “It definitely does!” says Dr. Richard Bragg of Florida Vein Care.

    While no one wants to be told that they have varicose veins, the diagnosis also brings the opportunity to consider a variety of treatment options. For many patients, procedures such as sclerotherapy or endovenous laser therapy, EVLT, will resolve the issue. Both are minimally invasive and are performed with local anesthesia in the office. The results are typically the same from either procedure: the diseased veins are sealed off and are eventually reabsorbed into the body. Blood flow will be rerouted naturally, and the varicosities are gone.

    These procedures have great success rates with diseased veins that fall within certain parameters. In some cases, the varicose veins are too big to be treated with sclerotherapy or EVLT to produce any degree of success. Years ago, surgical removal of the vein, known as vein stripping, vein stripping with ligation, or phlebectomy, was performed. The diseased vein was tied off and removed from the leg either through an incision in the groin or behind the knee, or both. It can be painful and requires a recuperative period as this treatment requires general anesthesia. However, this procedure is rarely performed today.

    Enter the option of vein microsurgery. Also performed under local anesthesia in the office, veins that are too large for other treatments (i.e. sclerotherapy or EVLT) can be gently coaxed out through the tiniest (2mm) holes that are made in the skin every three to five inches. The patient is able to walk immediately following the procedure, and after resting for the rest of the day, the patient may return to normal daily activities the next morning.
    If you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with varicose veins, please don’t wait to seek medical advice. To determine what treatment option is best for you, Dr. Bragg recommends that you have a thorough examination before treatment options are explored. There is no reason to hesitate scheduling a visit to an Orlando vein center. Call us at 407-805-8989 schedule an appointment for your personal consultation. Dr. Bragg and his staff want to help restore your vein health to function at its best.