• Xeomin®

  • As we age, we begin to notice the small, and sometimes not so small, changes within our bodies and on our skin’s surface. A true source of annoyance to many is the appearance of tiny to moderately deep lines that occur (seemingly overnight) just above the bridge of your nose. If you are considering a treatment for those annoying little “wrinkles” or “frown lines” between your eyes, Xeomin® may provide the solution you seek.

    To understand how the treatment works, you need to know what causes these nuisances.  Repetitious muscle movement of the small muscles of your forehead and those between your eyebrows is the underlying cause of glabellar lines. The recurrence of facial expressions such as squinting, wrinkling your nose, and/or frowning triggers the nerves in your face to stimulate the muscles causing contractions. Combined with the natural loss of skin elasticity as you grow older, the wrinkles become increasingly deeper and more noticeable.

    Xeomin® (incobotulinumtoxinA) has been approved by the FDA for treatment of moderate to severe glabellar lines (frown lines) as mentioned above. Xeomin® is produced from the same bacterium that causes botulism. The toxin affects the nerves at the injection site which inhibits their stimulation of the muscles and relaxes them.  The resulting effect is the reduction in the appearance of the glabellar lines. It has also been approved for treatment of lines across the forehead and crow’s feet.

    Unlike Botox® (onabotulinumtoxinA), Xeomin® does not require refrigeration and does not have an attached protein to its molecular structure. The current school of thought is that with the injection of Xeomin®, the risk of bad reactions is reduced because of the missing protein. The drugs are frequently used interchangeably as both are made from the botulinum toxin A which produces the temporary paralysis of the facial nerves causing those nasty little wrinkles.

    So, can the look of your frown lines be temporarily reduced? The expert staff at Florida Vein Care and Cosmetic Center will examine you to determine if you are a candidate for Xeomin®. We will help you explore the pros and cons and discuss your expectations of the results. We will completely explain the procedure and what you can anticipate from your first treatment. Complete our online contact form, or call us at 407-805-8989. You have nothing to lose except your frown lines!