• Can You Blame Your Job for Your Varicose Veins?

  • macbook-336704_1920To determine whether or not your job is a contributing factor to developing varicose veins, you actually need to consider more than just your job. There are those who absolutely believe that spending all day on your feet causes varicose veins. And then there are those who claim that people who work sedentary jobs are more prone to developing varicose veins. At Florida Vein Care, you will find the best vein treatment in Orlando, regardless of what caused your varicosities.

    It is true that individuals who have careers that require them to spend copious amounts of time on their feet have been known to experience more varicose veins. Teachers, servers, hairstylists, nurses, cashiers – you get the idea – are more likely to develop diseased veins. However, the larger predisposition occurs in women who hold these types of jobs. No one can state for certain that standing for extended periods of time actually causes varicose veins, but genetics certainly play an important role.

    The same holds true for people who spend the majority of their time sitting. Those who are chained to a desk share the same risk as those who stand all day and, once again, women bear the greater risk of developing varicosities.

    Regardless of your job, the key to keeping your veins healthy requires striking a balance of activities and diet that will work to improve your circulation. You don’t have to join a gym to find exercises that will help to strengthen your legs; you can simply begin walking or swimming. Always check with your physician before beginning any new exercise regime or diet, but get out and move!

    Standing or sitting, the use of compression hosiery can help keep your circulation flowing properly. The delicate pressure put on your leg muscles helps to dilate the veins which improves blood flow. If you are at a sedentary job, force yourself to get up and move around every thirty minutes or so. If you are on your feet, shift your weight from leg to leg periodically. It’s also important to elevate your legs when you are resting. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes as they can compress veins, impeding blood flow.

    If you are concerned that you are developing spider or varicose veins, don’t delay seeking a medical opinion. Dr. Richard Bragg of Florida Vein Care is here to answer all of your questions and discuss treatment options if you are diagnosed with varicose veins. Vein treatment in Orlando has changed over the years, and your vein health is too important to overlook. You need to be seen by the most trusted vein specialist in Central Florida. Call us at 407-805-8989 to schedule your consultation.