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Spider Veins

Do you have spider veins? We can help!

At Florida Vein Care & Cosmetic Center, unsightly spider veins don’t stand a chance. Our sclerotherapy expert, Madge Geohagen, P.A.-C, has over 14 years experience eliminating spider veins.

Once cleared for sclerotherapy through doppler consultation, Madge will determine how many treatments you will need and let you know what to expect. Sclerotherapy is a simple yet incredible technique to close down unhealthy, unsightly spider and smaller varicose veins.

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Here’s how it works: Through tiny injections, a safe and painless solution baths the inside of the damaged vein causing it to seal up or “sclerose”. Once the treated veins are no longer fed with blood, they degredate, much like a bruise healing, leaving behind no trace of existence.

Treatments last about 30 minutes and are relatively pain free. It is important to wear the recommended compression stockings for just 5 days after treatment for ideal results. Physical activity such as walking every day is recommended also so no down time.

The first step is a consultation where you will learn how many treatments you should expect. Call to book your appointment today: (407)805-8989.

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