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How Varicose Vein Therapy Can Improve Your Quality of Life

cycling-655565_1280Many adults suffer in silence from varicose veins (venous disease), falsely believing their bulging veins are only a cosmetic issue and the pain they are experiencing is merely another sign of aging. Varicose veins may often be so debilitating that individuals are not able to exercise, work long hours while standing, sit comfortably, or even sleep. These symptoms of venous disease are real, and, more importantly, treatable. Contact vascular vein center in Orlando, Florida Vein Care, to learn how your life can be improved dramatically with a simple in-office procedure.

Vascular Vein Center

Venous disease is often caused by valvular incompetence. Veins have a series of tiny valves that hold blood in place as it returns to the heart and as the beating of the heart moves the blood from the lower extremities back to the heart. If the valves are leaky, blood does not easily return to the heart; instead, it stagnates in the legs, pooling inside the veins and causing them to bulge.

Varicose veins can cause various other side effects, such as venous eczema, a condition in which the skin becomes scaly, red, and distended above the site of varicose veins. Other symptoms include ulcerations (a break in the skin that is reluctant to heal) and thickening of the skin. Traditional signs of varicose veins are enlarged veins, pain upon prolonged sitting or standing, and “heavy” legs that feel unable to function.

The team at Florida Vein Care understands these symptoms and will work with each patient for a specific treatment plan to improve the quality of life for all venous disease sufferers. Many times, treatment is conservative, consisting of lifestyle changes and/or wearing compression stockings. A conservative treatment is generally tried before surgery is mentioned.

Surgical procedures are in-house and minimally invasive. Depending on the extent of the venous disease, patients may find immense relief with one visit. After surgery, low-impact exercises are encouraged for a few weeks before strenuous exercise is resumed. Typically, patients are able to return almost immediately to all the activities they loved, but were unable to participate in when varicose veins interfered with their lives, such as gardening, walking, playing with pets and grandchildren, and golfing. Patients report more restful sleep and greater mobility during the day after varicose vein therapy.

If you are interested in bringing back all the joy life brought before you were sidelined with varicose veins, call vascular vein center in Orlando, Florida Vein Care, at (407) 805-8989 to speak with one of our caring professionals and set up an initial consultation, or contact us online. The results will amaze you.

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