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What is BioTE?

An Overview of What BioTE is and What You Can Expect

BioTE is a hormone optimization therapy that uses bioidentical hormones to help balance the body’s hormones. More specifically, the optimization focuses primarily on increasing testosterone levels. Bio identical hormones are molecules that are identical in structure to the hormones produced by the body.

Bioidentical optimization hormone therapy is a good alternative to traditional hormone therapy known as HRT and testosterone injections. Often people call it bio identical hormone therapy when in fact, it’s more about hormone optimization than hormone replacement. Additionally, people refer to it as hormone pellet therapy or medical hormone pellet therapy.

The goal is to correct a harmonal imbalance.

Typical hormone therapy uses synthetic hormones to replace the hormones that are no longer being produced by the body. This can cause adverse side effects, such as blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes. Similarly, testosterone injections also use synthetic hormones, and they can cause adverse side effects.

What is the Buzz Around BioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy All About?

Most patients are seek this kind of treatment when hormone imbalances become noticeable. For women this can be around perimenopause or menopause. For men hormonal imbalances become more noticeable around andropause.

Generally speaking, patients begin noticing symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, fatigue, irritability, weight gain, etc.

BioTE pellet therapy is uses pellets as the delivery mechanism for bioidentical testosterone. They are inserted under the skin typically in buttocks. BioTE Pellet therapy is more natural because it uses hormones derived from molecular forms identical to the ones produced by the body.

How does BioTE Work?

BioTE works by supplementing the hormones that are no longer being produced by the body. This helps to balance the body’s hormones and can help to improve symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Why is BioTE’s Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy a Good Alternative to Conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy and Testosterone Injections?

BioTE can help to improve symptoms of hormone imbalance, such as fatigue, mood swings, and weight gain.

If you are experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance, bioTE may be a good option for you. To find out if bioTE is right for you, contact your physician.

What is the difference between topical creams, injections, and hormone optimization pellet implants?

The difference between topical creams, injections, and BioTe is that topical creams use a synthetic form of testosterone called testosterone cypionate. Testosterone injections use a synthetic form of testosterone called testosterone enanthate. BioTE pellets use bioidentical hormones, which are molecules that are identical in structure to the hormones produced by the body. This makes them more compatible with the body than synthetic hormones.

Where Is This Hormone Therapy?

This treatment is done in the office under your physician’s supervision. An incision is made near the hip area and the pellet containing hormones is implanted under the skin where it can absorb into the body over 3-4 months.

Men Vs. Women

It is important to know that men and women have different amounts of hormones providing optimal therapy. Testosterone utilized and needed by men is significantly different. That means less BioTE is needed for women, and the cost should be lower.

Can both men and women get BioTE?

Yes, both men and women can get BioTE and will benefit.

The BioTE hormone pellet implantation procedure

  1. Patient receives a local anesthetic.
  2. Delivery channel (trocar) is inserted through a tiny incision just beneath the fatty tissue underneath the skin.
  3. The Rice sized pellets are inserted.
  4. The incision area is closed.
  5. A dressing is applied.

You will want to refrain from baths, swimming or leg exercises for 7 days to ensure that the skin has healed.

Benefits of BioTE Therapy

BioTe has been shown to have a host of benefits for both men and women. Some of these benefits include:

-Restoring energy and vitality

-Preventing heart disease and strokes

-Improving cognitive abilities

-Reduction in night sweats

-Reducing menopausal symptoms

-Reducing free radical activity

-Improving sexual function and sexual response

-Preventing bone loss / reduction in bone density

-Improve muscle mass

-Preventing muscle loss

-Improving sleep patterns

BioTE Side Effects and Risks

As with any medical procedure, there are risks associated with BioTE. Some of these include:

-Skin reactions at the site of implantation (treatable by changing injection location)

-Unexpected changes to the body’s normal hormonal levels due to implantation

-Facial hair / unwanted hair growth (which is controlled by lowering physiologic doses)

-Alterations in liver function

-Implants migrating from the original implantation site

-Pellets extruding from the implantation site

How long does it take for BioTE to work?

Typically it takes 2-4 weeks before releasing enough testosterone to have a significant effect on hormone levels. This is due to the nature of the pellet’s slow hormone release system, wherein a low amount of hormones is inserted into a specific location and then allowed to dissolve over time.

Is BioTE safe?

Yes, the hormone pellets mirror the same hormones the body produces and can benefit both men and women.

BioTE is a hormone optimization therapy in which low or nonexistent hormone production is augmented. Both treatments are extremely effective in improving overall health and vitality differ in several ways that are important to know when considering which option is best for you.

HRT has side effects that can negatively affect overall health, namely increased risk of heart disease, stroke, breast cancer, and blood clots. BioTE has no known side effects, which is one reason it may be better than HRT.

HRT is typically administered with hormone injections, which are usually given weekly or biweekly to maintain normal hormone levels.

BioTE pellets are implanted under the skin and provide a more natural way of increasing testosterone encouraging optimal sustained hormone levels. Implants are inserted every four to six months.

Testosterone can have negative effects on liver function, including an increase in liver enzymes which can be seen through blood tests. BioTE does not affect liver function and poses no risk for liver damage or elevated liver enzymes.

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