• Varicose Veins

  • Got Varicose veins protruding that ache and cause swelling? We can eliminate those too!

    At the consultation, some clients are told they have “reflux” detected by doppler exam and are not cleared for sclerotherapy. This is an important distinction for anyone seeking vein treatment because sclerotherapy for veins caused by reflux can be a waste of time and money. The underlying reflux issue must be treated first before sclerotherapy can be effective. For clients who are not cleared for sclerotherapy because of underlying venous disease, further study with ultra-sound in our center is the next step.

    Dr. Bragg, Medical Director of Florida Vein Care, performs all ultra-sounds, EVLT, and ambulatory phlebectomy procedures for your convenience right in our centers. Most insurance is accepted for the doppler screening, ultra-sounds, as well as the EVLT/ Ambulatory Phlebectomy procedures.

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