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The Surprising Benefits of Varicose Vein Treatment

jump-1634773_1920The decision to look for a vein treatment center in Orlando is one of the best decisions you will ever make to improve your vascular health. Spider and varicose veins are not just unsightly; they are indicators of venous disease that can continue to escalate if left untreated. Dr. Bragg and the experts at Florida Vein Care & Cosmetic Center are recognized leaders with more than 10 years of experience in caring for patients with varicose veins.

There are several procedures, surgical and non-surgical, that can be utilized to eliminate varicose veins. Dr. Bragg and his team will explain the risks and benefits of each procedure and determine which treatment option is best for you. He will also explore the risk if you choose not to seek treatment. Keep in mind that venous disease does not typically go away on its own, and chronic venous insufficiency will only get worse as time goes on. It can progress to deep vein thrombosis and other very serious conditions.

Why should you seek varicose vein treatment?

  1. Well Established – Many varicose vein treatments have been performed for more than 70 years with documented success rates.
  2. Highly Effective – Most treatments are highly effective. When sclerotherapy is deemed an appropriate treatment, the Mayo Clinic finds that, “studies of sclerotherapy as a treatment for varicose and spider veins indicate that it has an overall success rate of about 60 to 80 percent in eliminating treated veins.”
  3. Non-Surgical – While most varicose veins require minor surgery, some patients will respond well to Sclerotherapy, a non-surgical treatment option.
  4. No Downtime – Unlike procedures of the past, most varicose vein treatments performed today allow for patients to return to their daily routine immediately.
  5. Few Side Effects – While there may be a little tenderness at the injection site, there are few to no side effects reported from most of today’s treatment options.
  6. You will look and, more importantly, feel better – Enjoy wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses once again. Your legs will look years younger, and your vascular health will be greatly improved.

Restoring your vascular health through a varicose vein treatment is the number one priority for Dr. Bragg and the medical team at Florida Vein Care and Cosmetic Center. Call now and schedule your consultation with one of the best vein treatment centers in Orlando at 407-805-8989. Kick the pain and unsightliness of varicose veins today!

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