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Vein Specialists and Ethical Standards

Remember the old adage “Buyer Beware?” There is a great deal of truth hidden in that phrase for many reasons. Nowadays, it is still an important warning to heed if you are trying to find a good doctor. If you are searching for care by an Orlando vein center, Dr. Richard Bragg of Florida Vein Care and Cosmetic Center suggests that you exercise caution when seeking diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins. “Today’s patients and physicians must be willing to participate together in the diagnosis and development of their customized treatment plan to help ensure that they are being well cared for by an authority in the field.”

It is very important to work with a physician who upholds the established guidelines when diagnosing and treating venous conditions such as spider or varicose veins. Unfortunately, not all doctors work ethically and are more concerned about the numbers of patients treated, which ultimately enhances their bottom line. These physicians hastily make generic diagnoses and follow up with procedures that may not resolve the issue in one treatment. The following suggestions pertain to surface spider and varicose veins. Patients who suffer from deep venous issues may require other forms of treatment.

What you should consider when choosing an Orlando vein specialist:

  • The doctor you select should be using ultrasound imaging to confirm reflux in the vein. This is the only way to guarantee that your treatment is actually warranted.
  • Procedures should only be performed on veins that show actual signs and symptoms of varicosity.
  • A vein specialist will typically only have to perform a single ablation on any named vein. (Some physicians will perform ablations over several treatments of the same sight at different strengths. This is not an ethical way to proceed.)
  • If sclerotherapy is warranted, there should be a predetermined understanding between doctor and patient as to whether or not it will be performed at the same time as an ablation or it will be scheduled for a future visit.

At Florida Vein Care and Cosmetic Center, it is the goal of Dr. Bragg and his staff to always perform a thorough diagnosis utilizing ultrasound imaging and comprehensive physical examination. As the premier vein specialist in Orlando, Dr. Bragg will personally meet with you to discuss your diagnosis and your treatment options. Call us at 407-805-8989 to schedule your consultation today. Choosing your Orlando vein center is serious business. Make sure you choose wisely.

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